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What does “web 2.0” mean to me?

It means interactive web applications constructed with an eye toward usability, accessibility, and a standards-compliant Internet. It means advocating for good user experience, using tables only for tabular data, and saying no to “click here” text. It means sites that will work on the newest version of Firefox, an iPhone, or a 300 mhz PC from 1999 (but without bells and whistles).

Some people say it means social networking and user-provided content on every site, but I think of it from the side of next generation web development — a perspective that sees layout tables and font tags as an outdated, old-school way of doing things.


Can you design websites too?

While I have designed sites in the past, and like to think I have a design sense that comes from working so closely with design, I don't consider myself a designer.

I did design this site, which, depending on your perspective, may support or contradict this claim.

About this site

What steps have been taken to make this site accessible?

To the best of my current knowledge, this site:

  • can be navigated (and access JavaScript functionality) via keyboard
  • is progressively enhanced
  • uses semantic XHTML markup, so content is usable without styles